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Introduction to Meditations on the Cube of Space

In The Cube of Space there was a lot of information presented about the Cube, labeling its parts and understanding how the form is generated geometrically.  The Cube of Space is a good introduction to understanding the Cube.  It accomplishes what it set out to do; namely it offers the student a handbook on the structure of the cube and its relationship to the connected hermetic sciences.  The first book however does not offer much in the way of practical work.  The following work is designed to go back into the Cube and share a series of meditations utilizing the information that was offered in volume 1. con’t below…

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Like the first work on the cube, this is not intended to be the great American novel that is read from cover to cover in one or two hour to sittings.  The study and practice of the Cube and the Tarot is a process of transformation.  There is a tremendous cosmology presented through the vehicle of the Tarot.  Any student who takes up the serious study of this cosmology will be amply rewarded. With faithful study you will understand to some degree, the words of Eliphas Levi wo said, “Knowledge of the Tarot, and how to use it properly will allow the student to speak eloquently on all subjects.

Perhaps the most popular and least important application of the Tarot is reading Tarot cards. Divination is a wonderful and sometimes powerful tool to assist students in getting a birds-eye view of the present conditions of their life, with some possible solutions to their problems.  Divination should not be underestimated.  If divination is your only goal concerning the Tarot, this work is not for you.  There are hundreds of great books on the subject on reading Tarot Cards and this is not one of them. This is a book on the occult application of the Tarot in conjunction with the Cube of Space.  At the close on each meditation on a Minor key there is a key word given concerning its divinatory meaning.  These are the key word given by Paul Case.  This is as far as the book goes concerning divination. Keep in mind however, that if you go through the process offered in this work, you would gain an understanding of the Tarot not given in any book.  The main intention of this work is to make practical application of the cosmological wealth that exist within the cube and expressed by the Tarot.  Accessing the wealth will ultimately lead each student into the full and uncompressing Grip of the Soul.

In order to accelerate our process in making conscious connection with the “Greater Life,” within whom we live,” we must reach for it. This connection is available to all those who aspire to make it.  This system of meditations is designed to create a series of spiritual crises in the lives of those who take on this work. Comfort is not the goal although the reader should be mindful not to overdo it.  At certain times you may choose to take it more slowly.

This work is divided into several chapters. In order to gain the deepest understanding of the Cube of Space, it is recommended that you go through the chapters in sequential order.  This work presents the cue from the inside out.  If you want to go from the outside in start it the last chapter and work forward.

The approach is relatively simple.  We follow the creative process forth in the Sepher Yetzirah. From the central point, to the emergence of the six directions in space to the containment of thee directions we follow the intention of vhY.    

There is a study of the modes of consciousness, the points of tension, created by polarity and the revelation of the mysteries by the diagonals and the movement of the personality around the exterior lines of the cube.  All of these meditations are relatively simple in themselves, yet the effect is profound.

In Dr. Case’s early lessons on the Tarot, we were told that persistent study with the Tarot would yield such benefits as conversation with the holy guardian angel, or perhaps making contact with the Inner School. I believe that the Cube of Space is a testimony that to some degree the levels of contact have been made even though these contacts be a distinctive preliminary knock at a portal to which all true disciples must eventually make their approach.

Although the Cube of Space is not a how to book, it is the first necessary step in progressing with the working with this glyph. After its parts are named and terms defined, then the practices with the Tarot and their relationship with each Key can begin, and begin we must if we desire to enter into the deeper mysteries of our Inner Life. 

A side goal of this book is to bombard your consciousness with symbols, Tarot, alchemical, as well as astrological. Whenever possible the symbol is used instead the word.  If you don’t know the planetary and zodiacal symbols now, you will if you take the time to finish this book.

In the process of writing this current work, it became obvious that it was necessary to broaden the scope of the Ageless wisdom. There have been many influences that contributed to this work.  These influences have come from the writings of Paul Foster case, Masonry, Theosophy, Fraternias Lux Occulta, and the massive works of the Tibetan Master, D.K, through that great contemporary of Dr. Case, Alice Bailey.

The meditations come from experience and not just theory.  Each meditation here has been worked out in practice. The Cube of Space will teach you things you never wanted to learn, in ways you never wanted to learn them.  Well that is not exactly a good selling point! The stuff works. If you want to have a spiritual crisis every month or so and exchange your present container for a larger one, go for I t.  If you are content with your condition and wish to remain the same then don’t bother reading any further.  In short, these meditations are like a crucible within the alchemical athanor.

I trust that those who take on this work will be pleased with the outcome and perhaps they too will join the ranks of disciples who become consumed by the will to love and serve humanity with fearlessness, harmlessness and selflessness.  That service must become heightened within our hearts, even if it means being uncomfortable or unpopular.

Best wishes on your journey through the Cube of Space.

Kevin Townley

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