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Introduction To The Cube Of Space

I was first introduced to the Cube of Space in a study group sponsored by the Builders of the Adytum, (B.O.T.A.), in Boulder Colorado.  Its faces lines and Tarot Keys caught my attention like nothing else I have ever encountered.  After studying with the BOTA for several years, I decided to go as deep as possible into the detail of the Cube of Space. con’t below…


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After some research, I found, much to my disappointment, that there was nothing written on the Cube that would shed more light on the basic material already written by Dr. Paul Foster Case.

I contacted the B.O.T.A. office in L.A. and they informed me that there was no more material available on the Cube.  As far as I know the only detailed information concerning the cube, was written by Dr. Case.  There is a mention of the Cube in Robert Wang’s, Qabalistic Tarot where a couple of paragraphs present it as an alternative system to the Tree of Life. In some of the different translations of the Sepher Yetzirah, there is a presentation of the Cube of Space, both by Carlo Suares, and Aryeh Kaplan.

Since there was no more written material to satisfy my desire, I decided to see if there would be any revelations through the power of concentration.  As I began this endeavor, I was amazed at what was revealed concerning the Cube of Space.  Little by little the information began to build.  It became apparent that there an enough material available to put into book form.

As this work evolved from a journal into a book, I began to realize that the information gathered was not arranged for the beginner.

I remember reading the Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie and feeling frustrated by the 96 pages of introduction informing the reader of the list of books that must be read before attempting to take on the work of that particular text.  It became obvious that the material in the Golden Dawn was not intended for beginners such is the case with this book.

Anyone who has completed the first year and a half of study with the B.O.T.A. will be well suited to understand this work.

The language of the text uses Qabalistic terms from the Tree of Life.  It will be difficult to penetrate this work unless there is a basic working vocabulary in the Qabalah.

For the beginner wishing to investigate this work, I would recommend The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune, A Practical Guide to Qabalsitic Symbolism, by Gareth Knight and The Qabalsitic Tarot by Robert Wang. There is also the course of study by the B.O.T.A. which deals with the language in depth. Although these works overlap, they offer the different perspectives of the authors, and they will give a basic understanding of the ‘Qabalistic language to the attentive reader.

The greatest recommendation I can make concerning instruction is the course material of the B.O.T.A., which takes the student from the beginning to a wealth of knowledge in just over a year of study.

It seemed fruitless to write an introductory text on the Tree of Life when so many fine texts are already available.  Those looking for an introduction into the Qabalah will find it in the sources mentioned above.

Some of the work in this book will stand firm against criticism and the fires of trial and error; other parts may be replaced with more durable insights.  This work is certainly intended to open up a rather large Qabalistic can of worms, which will inspire others to look deep into this topic and hence bring forth the gems that await those who enter into this domain.

Since there is little in the way of research material, I can say that this work I a testimony to the powers of concentration which, when rightly used, will reveal many exciting details about whatever we choose to place our attention upon. This power of concentration is the alchemical mercury which brings all things into dissolution and as a result opens up the inner nature or he object at hand.  The power of concentration is spoken of in the following quotation, in the meditation on the letter Heh.

Fix thy mind on the object before thee by any letter,

And hold thy thought to meditate thereon.

Then shall the inner nature of that object

Be made known to thee,

And by this mean shalt thou draw nigh

To some aspect of my Being.

It must be said that this book is not intended to be a great treatise of dogma, but a record of what is considered to be revelations received through a personal journey of the author, as conscious attention was placed on the structure or the Cube of Space. It is believed that there is nothing else written on this topic which deals with the Cube of Space in such detail as it is presented in this work. The reader will find a great deal of elaboration on the Cube where none previously existed in written form.

Work of this nature is always the result of the exhaustless efforts and dedication of those who gone before us. As students of these mysteries, we have the trials and errors of our elder brother’s ad sisters, who left us with clues and signposts along the way to assist us with damage control.  It is often tempting to take credit for retaliations that have come, largely due to the foundations clues and leads brought forth by others; it is also important to mention the most sublime of all gifts, the State of Grace, without which we would still be hanging out in the trees or hole in the ground responding fearfully to the Directive Intelligence within whom we live move and have our being.

It I my sincere desire to share realization, conclusions, or theories and at the same time acknowledge those wonderful beings who laid strong foundations which allow work such as this to come forth.

I used several approaches in order to open my mind to the influx of information that awaits any aspirant who prepare to receive it. Such approaches were meditation, working with models, living in models.  I attempted to exhaust any intellectual conception I might have concerning the Cube of Space and by virtue of their inseparable relationship the Tree of Life.

Perhaps the most interesting experience in the writing of this book took place in my bedroom.  I was trying to understand the relationship between the diagonals of the Cube of space, the sphere of Malkuth and the invisible sphere of Daath.  Having exhausted every intellectual recourse, I had; I went to bed feeling greatly frustrated.  At three o’clock in the morning I was awakened with a burst of inspiration concerning my question.  As I got up, I realized I was sleeping a room that was nine feet wide, nine feet long and nine feet high.  For the past two years I had been sleeping in a cubic room.  When I stood up in the room my physical heart was in the center of the room, just at Tipareth is at the center of the Tree of Life.

Although occult studies constitute a vast ocean of knowledge, there have been many streams that have generated this tremendous body of knowledge by many names: The Qabalah, Hermeticism, Gnosis etc. The Western Mysteries seem most comfortable to me yet other names could do as well.

It has been over ten years since I joined the B.O.T.A. and began studying the work of Dr. Paul Foster Case.  I was continually amazed at the humility and depth that this man brought forth in his exhaustless writings. He represents the greatest human influence to inspire the bringing forth of this work.  With the groundwork and clues that Dr. Case left, this effort was launched into its present form. It is not my intention to place the B.O.T.A. or Dr. Case on the infallible chair of St. Peter but to simply say thank you and acknowledge his gifts to us.

It must be stated that this work has grown form the seed from which it was planted; namely, it is a product of the study within the B.O.T.A. as well as other texts which seemed to complement this work. It seems fitting to say that this work is a footnote to the writings of Dr. Case. The final straw that seemed to trigger, what I feel to be the congelation of this material was in the Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang. It therefore seems appropriate to offer my sincere thanks to him.

Although this work is based on the studies of the B.O.T.A. it must also be said that it is independent in the sense that it relates to a personal experience and interpretation, which may not necessarily be in total agreement with the teachings of the B.O.T.A.

It I with humility and love that this work is shared both intellectually and heartfully.  It is also the sincere desire of the author to perhaps add just one more trickle in the vast ocean called the Western Mysteries.

Here dear reader, is, like the Tree of Life, a map of consciousness of the Cube of Space, for those on the path of return.

Kevin Townley - 1993


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